• Talking numbers counts for kids' math skills (2010) Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) National Public Radio (NPR) Staff In almost every home and pre-school in America, young children are being taught how to recite the alphabet and how to say their numbers. A new study by University of Chicago psychology professor Susan Levine finds that simply repeating the numbers isn't... Read More »
  • Children with brain injuries have problems with story-telling, research suggests (2010) University of Chicago News University of Chicago News Staff "Children with brain injuries have difficulty developing story-telling skills even though other language abilities, such as vocabulary, tend to catch up with other children as they mature, research at the University of Chicago shows. ""Our findings suggest... Read More »
  • In brain-injured children, early gesturing predicts language delays (2010) ScienceDaily ScienceDaily Staff About 1 in 4,000 infants has a brain injury known as pre- or perinatal brain lesions, mainly as a result of stroke, with risk factors involving both mothers and babies. Children with early brain lesions that affect one side of the brain often take longer... Read More »
  • Parents' gesturing influences child's vocabulary, study finds (2009) Deseret News Mitchum, Robert Child development experts have known for decades that children's vocabulary at the time they enter school is a strong predictor of their future educational success. But a new study from University of Chicago psychologists suggests that early parental... Read More »
  • Gestures' develop infant speech (2009) BBC News Morgan, James Toddlers who use gestures more often have better vocabularies on reaching school age, US researchers say. They say those who convey more meanings with gestures at 14 months have larger vocabularies at four-and-a-half years and are better prepared for... Read More »
  • Babies who gesture learn words sooner (2009) TIME Magazine Walsh, Bryan Child psychologists — and kindergarten teachers — have long known that when children first show up for school, some of them speak a lot more fluently than others. Psychologists also know that children's socioeconomic status tends to correlate with their... Read More »
  • NIH awards grant for language development research (2008) The University of Chicago Chronicle Harms, William The National Institutes of Health has awarded the University a $7.7 million, five-year grant to study the development of language among children, in order to better understand how early, preschool development relates to learning how to read. This study... Read More »